For many years I explored Childhood Memory by creating images of the landscape through the eyes of a child. My interest was to comment on the loss of innocence humans undergo with experience and to suggest that memory of childhood, fragmented as it may be, can bring one back mentally to the freedom of youth. Using steel was an obvious choice in its implication of playgrounds, but the glass is there to suggest the human aspect in the work, most importantly, the fragility yet strength of children and innocence.

Today my focus is to study the landscape through my own eyes. I am interested in celebrating nature by using it in my work as a means to express those moments in time that pass quickly and cannot be put into words, yet linger in one's mind. My hope is to bring a snapshot of the landscape into view, perhaps to bring the viewer to a place or time they have forgotten or have never experienced. To a quiet moment that has no words, only feeling.

The steel panels in the Botanical pieces are my canvas; where the landscape begins to take form from a simple line. Each mark traps ink that I apply to the surface of the steel, to provide a marriage of color and form. The glass and bronze elements provide a layering that is akin to the organics of nature. Most importantly, the glass is the light, bringing the viewer to a specific moment in time when light and nature combined are a language of their own.

The Narratives, blown and kiln cast pieces, are comprised of a blown form with a cast glass element. They are derived from recent travels to various places in the Pacific, in which I have utilized both the nature and culture of those particular locations as the foundation for my imagery. In the farmer’s market in Takayama, Japan, I was moved by the local farmer’s harvest. In Bora Bora I was struck by the many shades of blue of the quiet water that I effortlessly swam through. My hope is that others will experience pleasure from these moments and memories.