Lisa Zerkowitz Glass Artist

Lisa Zerkowitz was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she earned a BA in Studio Art, with an emphasis in printmaking. Upon graduating, she took a glassblowing course at Santa Barbara City College, something she had always wanted to try. The material was exciting, challenging and intriguing.

Lisa continued her studies at Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a MA in Art Education while simultaneously completing the undergraduate program in glass. After graduate school she relocated to Seattle where she currently resides. She was deeply affected by the lush foliage of the Pacific Northwest and its stark contrast from her native Los Angeles. The new environment hugely influenced her work.

Initially Lisa embarked on a body of work based on childhood memory, creating pieces that she describes as landscapes through the eyes of a child. Then she embarked on her botanical series, and most recently, the narratives. Her work is nature inspired and combines the use of blown and cast glass, steel, ink and bronze. She has found a way to marry her background in printmaking with her passion for glass.

Zerkowitz’s work takes her all over the United States, Canada and overseas for exhibitions, teaching opportunities and for visiting artist engagements. These travel opportunities allow her to be exposed to different cultures and experience the varied natural surroundings. She enjoys hiking and taking photographs of the outdoors during her travels, which allows her to come back to the studio with an abundance of ideas and excited to make new work.

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Lisa Zerkowitz Glass Artist